Coronavirus Update

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Information for our buyers -


Our standard rules and everything you need to know about our sales is posted here. If you are new to our sales you should read it.... but in these times we need updates to the rules to stay in business.


While everyone is home and safe (and bored) We want you feel safe to shop our online auctions. This can continue to be a fun and safe process if everyone cooperates. 

So that everyone can feel safe and secure to continue purchasing and picking up here are updated rules. I will INSIST on these going forward. Many rules we already had in place but need to be strictly followed now.

Our sale lots are photographed and online for at least 1-2 weeks untouched so no concerns with contamination once the sale is done. 

Ongoing for all auctions

If you have been coming to our pickups you know we work by a schedule and will continue this going forward.

You will receive an e-mailed invoice with details and a link to schedule your time. 

You have the full hour so there's no rush to come at the time you book. For example, if you schedule 10a.m. you have anytime between 10-11 to get there. Please come in your time allotted. There will be more than one booking per hour but you will be handled one at a time in order of arrival. 

1. If you are coming to the warehouse pull in by the door (For a house use the driveway or closest spot) ONE PERSON AT A TIME! The only people that will need to come in to a house or our warehouse will be anyone with large furniture items to move. DO NOT come in unless instructed. 

Do not get out of your car until your turn. Just wait until the person in front of you leaves and pull in next... There is no reason for everyone to come up until your turn. Just wait in your car and come in when the person in front of you is gone. Also, if you come early wait outside and if I can wrap up the earlier people I will call you in. Others who are in their time window should be able to get their items first.  There is no jumping ahead it is first come first serve WITHIN YOUR HOUR.

I will have items ready most outside.


2. It is preferred if everyone please consider the standard payment method for now which is billing your card on file... If you are paying cash that's ok with a few rules. Please bring EXACT CHANGE or round up! Put it in an envelope or I will have you drop it in a box. If you want to seal it DON'T lick it! Just fold it closed. I will check money after everyone picks up when it can be sanitized and counted with gloves. I will review cash on video for reference. If you come up short I will bill your card so make sure your money is correct. I will NOT be carrying or handling money at pickups. Also, I will not be taking cards at any pickup. If you want to use a card I need to bill it BEFORE you book an appointment. You can ask me for a link so you can pay online with any card you like but please don't bring cards to a pickup and ask me to charge you. That needs to be done ahead of time. I want to keep things disinfected and also keep things moving efficiently. In shorter terms.. if your item has not been paid for and you show up at pickup you must have the exact change... no exceptions!


3. Anyone with a cough,  or sniffles will be asked to leave immediately. I don't care if its "a little cold" or you are getting over something, or feel fine. DON'T COME TO PICKUPS. It should go without saying.


If you feel like you should stay home I would just ask you to call immediately and I will arrange a plan with you.

(716) 345-8372 

That is my personal cell number so if you don't reach me leave a message. 

Here are some options if you are not sure about coming or in a high risk group and you are concerned....

I can put items safely outside before you come, I am not only using gloves to handle items but I have disinfectant sprays and being highly cautious for your safety and mine. I am working alone so only one person has access or will be handling or near your purchases. I can also arrange a separate day for you outside of normal pickup when no other people are coming, arrange delivery or hold items. The only charge right now for holds will be minimal if any but it will be only if I need to pay helpers to move furniture or large items from a house to hold at our warehouse or if we deliver it. 

4. BE PREPARED for any possible cancellations, Use correct cell number on your HIBID and on your calendar link when you schedule in case anything changes rapidly. Also, be prepared to pay via card if you aren't feeling well. Not coming to pickups is not a reason to not have items paid for. Anyone not paying within 7 days or using invalid credit cards will no longer be welcome to bid. I will work with people to hold items, however, I will not be able to wait for people to pay so don't bid if you are not sure you can pay. I need to make a living and my clients still need to get paid for what I am selling for them asap.


ANYONE who does not cancel an appointment at least 2 hours prior to a pickup going forward is being charged a $20 convenience fee. I have had far too many times in just 2 weeks where everyone is done and I am sitting at the warehouse waiting on many people who don't show! Everyone gets ONE TIME this year. After that, I am charging for my time. There is a link in your confirmation email to cancel and reschedule. It's very simple. We are at our peak season and with everything happening I need to work overtime. Many companies are not able to hold on site sales at this time so we are getting extremely busy. I need to work as much as possible while I can and the no-shows need to stop. 


I know some people find the extra measures these days extreme but please understand I am running a business, often alone, and I need to stay healthy and continue working. I have also been told by more than a few of my regular buyers that they are in a high risk category so I am ok but I want to keep all of you healthy. 


If you have questions or concerns on anything please call or email me

I appreciate the cooperation at this time. 

Brenda Stewart

Information for potential clients -


We will continue our sales as online only for now. We have a system that should allow us to continue without much interruption. Here's what you need to know..

We are seeing many estate sale companies forced to shut down. Traditional in house sales are not going to be scheduled for the foreseeable future. This is the only way to ensure that your sale can be completed as promised.

If you have deadlines such as a house closing just remember YOU set the dates. If you have to delay a close that is your right. Check with your realtor but in these trying times it is important to prepare and be flexible. We will do everything we can to keep with your schedule but it is important to have flexibility. 

We will not work on any sale property unless people have not been living or accessing the house for at least a week. Once we begin we ask to keep outsiders out of the property since online sales require us to touch everything to set up.

Ongoing for all auctions -

Our sale lots are photographed and online for at least 1-2 weeks untouched so no concerns with contamination once the sale is done. 

Pickups are by appointment so its safe for buyers and homeowner. Items are not directly handled without gloves and will be brought outside to buyers in most cases. 

Only one person can pick up at a time. 

No family member should be coming to the property while the virus is around, healthy or not. We need to keep our working environment and sale items clean. 

We can not guarantee the final prices. If you are looking to get top dollar for items you may need to wait indefinitely. Our online sales are a bidding format. We are preparing that it is highly likely that people will be spending less these days. 

This format gets rid of everything although some items may sell low in current times. It is our view so far, however, that people are homebound, bored and can't pass up deals so items WILL sell with this format. 

You will not need to worry about having no people coming out.. They simply buy from home!

If possible (and worth it financially) you can also rent space to hold your items until you are ready to sell. Ask about other options. 

Another fix is to list and sell your things with us and you can do the auction lots and photos yourself. We can help list and sell. This is good for self sufficient people with good photo ability and some technical know how. 

Also, we are able to do full clean outs if you are strapped for options and need your home cleared fast with no time for a sale. 

Call me directly on my cell for details 

Brenda Stewart

(716) 345-8372