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Use this page only if you have already won an auction!

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TONAWANDA pickup Only (ended 7/26). DO NOT use the booking link for any other auction

Wait after you submit your appointment for a confirmation page to get a full address. 


You get a confirmation e-mail as well - if you don't see those then you do not have an appointment.

If you are unfamiliar with our pickup and rules there is more info below. 

If you are looking for items from our warehouse pre-shutdown please email me your invoice number to

We will start setting up an appointment schedule and will e-mail available dates asap. 

**IMPORTANT rule updates 2020**

Our rules are agreed to when you sign up to bid

in our Terms & Conditions

We no longer have the ability to take or store items that are not picked up.

We are available for most of the day on pickup days.

If you do not find a time that works just call

asap (716) 325-0401 (V.M only) 

Anyone booking a pickup and does not cancel or reschedule within 2 hours of your missed appointment we will be billing for our time. $20 per missed appointment billed to your card on file.

If you need to reschedule - There is a confirmation e-mail sent when you book an appointment. Reschedule ONLY with the reschedule link in your email and by using the appointment app.  

During peak estate sale season we do not have the ability to set individual appointments outside of our scheduled days.​ 

If you need special days or times and are unable to make our pre-set pickup days there is a $20 convenience charge if you did not coordinate with us before you bid or win an auction. It takes some times hours out of our day to meet for individual appointments.

(The fees are not a penalty but are needed to cover workers' time to meet on special days. We often do not make enough profit for one person's auction items to be able to provide individual appointments)


Pickup days are always listed on the auction page before you bid and you need to be available or send someone on those days. Occasionally we add extra days if possible. Items at houses need immediate removal and if we need to remove items when you did not make a pickup there is a charge to clean out your items or dispose of them.

(This includes partial lots left behind)

Fees are as follows

$5/lot or box and

$25 fee for large items (items requiring 2 people to move)


We get many people registering and bidding on each auction so it is vital to have people following directions. Each auction has its own pickup day and location which is provided on the auction page before you bid. More detailed information and instructions are sent to your e-mail after each auction is closed. 

Make sure you are reading ALL e-mail sent to the address you

used to register for bidding.

Details are all sent through e-mail with your receipt/invoice.




You will need to read instructions sent with your invoice or receipt. If you have questions you can refer back to the auction page where you bid. Most information you need is provided before you bid on the auction page. Please follow the instructions sent to your e-mail. You should get that usually within 24 hours after the auction close.

Do Not text or call to request a pickup appointment. 

By using the schedule link you will get exact address, map and other important details for picking up your purchases. Once you submit your appointment wait to get a confirmation page AND you will get a confirmation email so you know you are booked. The confirmation email also gives you instructions if you need to cancel or reschedule. 

The day time and general area are provided before you bid so you should already know that information if you are bidding. The exact address with a map is provided when your appointment is confirmed.



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