Retro, Vintage and Fun!

We had an interesting small clean-out. So much retro and vintage items. As we looked through boxes like it was Christmas we found some fun, some strange, but for sure interesting things.

I always get some joy when I see things that remind me of my childhood. So many of us remember these oil lamps. I remember this well hanging in my Grandparents hallway. We as kids would beg my Grandmother to turn it on. If you never experienced this they are quite unique and nothing like it these days I know of.

I also believe that people in the 70s liked to entertain more. Perhaps it was just more focus on the entertaining accessories. The chip & dip servers that I think every house had. The folding or unique trays that were always at every holiday and family event are just not seen these days.

So imagine my joy when people come to our warehouse and buy the old trays. They remember like I do that their grandmother had that same oil lamp. The man who bought it came to the counter, set his handfuls down rapidly and commented something like... I gotta grab that lamp before someone else gets it. I will be knocking someone out if they grab it that's mine.

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