New Auction Plan!

In a short time we have seen a huge response to our online estate auctions. So now it is time to expand and grow. In order to make changes and adjust to our clients and customers needs we will be implementing our own auction page. We are announcing a new look for our site and a new auction page! We will be making some changes and hopefully welcoming your input. I would like to thank They are a great site and partner but we are growing and in need of some updated features. Some things up and coming....

  • New plan to pay on our site. No more waiting for invoices. You can now pay for your auctions when you bid.

  • Better mail communication. We will be setting up our messaging system in order to respond better to your inquiries.

  • Bidding through our own page and from our website. We will do away with going through several links to find our auction items. You can find items and bid from the site.

  • The ability to implement more sales directly from our end clients.

More info coming so stay tuned! Keep an eye on our site for new auctions. We will continue to list our sales on the regular ad sites but we will host our auctions directly so don't miss out!

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