The House That Keeps On Giving!

We are here again just days from ending another incredible online sale! This is a continuation of our Cleveland Drive Sale a couple of weeks ago. What is great about our unique service is the ability to run a traditional in house sale and finish with an online to completely sell everything. The family warned us... "There's a bunch of closets and cubbies upstairs" Well we had no idea! We kept unloading and unloading. The once kind of small sale turned in to "Where are we going to put it all?" NO WORRIES!

it was all going to be sold on the sale after the

Typically clients are left with little or no options but to give away the remaining of their items with a clean-out. We don't combine our selling and clean-out services. If we run your sale it would certainly not make sense that we should benefit by taking away what is not sold. The best part is there's no need to sell it all at any crazy low price or do 50%-75% blowout sales... We had a great sale and... NOW the fun begins.. I love to watch the online auctions wind down and this one is great!

Make sure you check it out WNY Auction There's Part I posted with Part II on the way to be posted soon! 150 LOTS! and more on the way!

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