NEW - Delivery Options!

We have been developing a delivery plan for our customers for some time and I THINK WE GOT IT!

Although this is preliminary and may change slightly, this is our plan.

As of now....

If you do not get your things we typically charge if you would like to have items available at our warehouse for a future pickup. The cost is as follows.

$5/lot or box with an additional $20 for each over-sized item such as large items or furniture. (some items require additional handling such as appliances and extra large or difficult items).

Shipping has always been an option and rules including shipping rules can be found on our website

We can drop the items at a location of your choice for additional mileage charges.

The above cost PLUS below mileage (this is calculated for round trip mileage)

Mileage is calculated from the pickup/auction location to your drop off address

$0.55/mile for local drop off less than 50 miles (round trip)

$0.75/mile for longer trips (round trip)

This is to bring items only. We do not move, set-up or bring the items inside so you will need to do that or have help to do that. If you require that option there are additional fees to send a second person.

** the lot or box is determined as follows - Each lot is $5 for loading and packing**

If you have multiple lots this can vary. For example - If you bought 3 lots and it all fits in one reasonably easy to carry box we can charge only $5. In many cases people buy 3 lots that require, for example, 5 boxes for large amount of items, You will be charged $25.

We will do our best to save money with shipments or a variety of delivery options where we can. Some large and difficult deliveries may require further charges.

This is not guaranteed and delivery is agreed to at our discretion. We may not always be able to provide this in all cases so if you require this service WE MUST be notified when you sign up to bid.

Delivery or shipping, as always, means you waive your right to inspect your items and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are no returns after a pickup or delivery for any reason.

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