Update - Coronavirus Update for Potential Clients

April 1, 2020

What you need to know ...

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Update April 1st



1. We will do appointments through video or you will need to send pictures or video to show an overview of the house. We have added an addendum to our contract that we need the house to be empty for a minimum of a week before we will enter.  No one can be living in or entering the house. 


2. We are setting up online estate sales only for the foreseeable future. We are taking extraordinary measure to allow people to pick up items after an online sale. We set appointments and items are placed outside where we are able for the purchaser to pickup. 


3. Although we can document, photograph and run a sale online. Due to pick up safety the finalizing of sales may need to be postponed until it is all clear for people to come out. 

(update 6/15 - we are preparing to start again and sales are a go) 


We will only work in houses that are completely locked down from anyone coming in until we are finished.  This is a necessary measure for now. 


Things change daily and we know people need help during this time. We will do what is reasonable and possible that does not put anyone at risk. We need to be flexible and we ask that our clients are as well. There is no easy answer but if we need to shut down again we will follow all of the state guidelines. 


If you need to discuss possible sale options just call (716) 325-0401 





Information for potential clients -


We will continue our sales as online only for now. We have a system that should allow us to continue without much interruption. Here's what you need to know..

We are seeing many estate sale companies forced to shut down. Traditional in house sales are not going to be scheduled for the foreseeable future. This is the only way to ensure that your sale can be completed as promised.

If you have deadlines such as a house closing just remember YOU set the dates. If you have to delay a close that is your right. Check with your realtor but in these trying times it is important to prepare and be flexible. We will do everything we can to keep with your schedule but it is important to have flexibility. 

We will not work on any sale property unless people have not been living or accessing the house for at least a week. Once we begin we ask to keep outsiders out of the property since online sales require us to touch everything to set up.

Ongoing for all auctions -

Our sale lots are photographed and online for at least 1-2 weeks untouched so no concerns with contamination once the sale is done. 

Pickups are by appointment so its safe for buyers and homeowner. You do not need to be present for any thing. We take care of it all. 

Customers picking up can feel safe because Items are not directly handled without gloves and will be brought outside to buyers in most cases. 

Only one person can pick up at a time. 

No family member should be coming to the property while the virus is around, healthy or not. We need to keep our working environment and sale items clean. 


Sales can be less than typical - 

We can not guarantee the final prices. If you are looking to get top dollar for items you may need to wait indefinitely. Our online sales are a bidding format. We are preparing that it is highly likely that people will be spending less these days. 

This format gets rid of everything although some items may sell low in current times. It is our view so far, however, that people are homebound, bored and can't pass up deals so items WILL sell with this format. 

You will not need to worry about having no people coming out.. They simply buy from home!

If possible (and worth it financially) you can also rent space to hold your items until you are ready to sell. Ask about other options. 

Another fix is to list and sell your things with us and you can do the auction lots and photos yourself. We can help list and sell. This is good for people with good photo ability and some technical know how. 

Also, we are able to do full clean outs if you are strapped for options and need your home cleared fast with no time for a sale. 

Call me directly on my cell for details 

Brenda Stewart

(716) 345-8372

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