Why an Online Estate Sale?

Online there is an enormous group of fellow Estate Liquidator Company Owners that I am privileged to be a part of. There is a lot of help and resources shared and sometimes a little fun. I really enjoyed this list created by a fellow liquidator regarding why they like estate sales moving online. Although much of it is meant to explain it to other liquidators, there are several interesting points that should be considered by the Estate Owner... this is a fun list and I wanted to share...

He wrote:

Just the short list! It is 5:00 AM, I need to roll out of bed and get ready for the pandemonium that will start at 8:00 Nope, the sale is online only, I’m going back to sleep The weather today is 40 mph wind and heavy rain, will anyone want to stand in line in this? No worry, no lines, the sale is online only. I spent hours making signs, I’ll never be able to keep them up in this wind No signs to worry about, the sale is online only Last sale my signs were stolen No signs to worry about, the sale is online only I spent hours writing out price tags No need to price things, let the market set the price Price tags always get removed or switched No price tags, no problem Things always get stolen Not this time, the sale is online only. Things always get broken Not this time, the sale is online only. Somebody always blocks the street or a neighbor’s driveway Scheduled pickups, one person at a time, no issue There is always stuff left over to deal with No reserve price, no leftovers. Even stuff I could never sell is gone, and often for more than I would have dare asked I need to have several employees to work the sale Nope, just me and maybe one helper for the scheduled pickups I usually get about 300 people attending a sale Over 5,000 people viewed my sale online I have eight hours to try to sell everything in the house, garage, shop, etc. My online sale is posted for several days up to a week or two.

In person people ask for prices to go down and to get bargains. While online, they compete and drive prices up! People always complain that the item the wanted was sold to someone else People tell me how much they love not having to drive and stand in line to get what they want. As well as the myriad advantages in relationship to masks, social distancing, etc.

Thanks to Richard Old.

Someone who clearly shares my appreciation for the "ONLINE Estate Sale"

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