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121 S. Transit Hill Dr. Depew, NY 14043

More Pickup Instructions below the map.

Terms & Conditions are excepted when you are allowed to bid. If you are not familiar with the rules you need to review them please. 

 A link back to this page is also sent to your

e-mail after booking!

If you are unfamiliar with our pickup and rules please review them below. 

If you need to reschedule or cancel

use the confirmation e-mail

**IMPORTANT rule updates 2020**

Our rules are agreed to when you sign up to bid

in our Terms & Conditions

  1. If you are picking up 4 or more items OR Large items such as furniture or appliances, you must arrive within 30 minutes after your scheduled appointment.

  2. FOR 3 or fewer items (no furniture) - Please arrive anytime within 2-hours after your appointment time  ​​(EX. - If you booked for 10am please arrive between 10am - noon.

  3. Always wait until other buyers leaves the driveway and you can pull in. Please do not come up to the house while people are loading unless we call for you. 

  4. MASKS ARE MANDATORY - this is becoming an issue again. At this point we shouldn't need  to ask people to do this when entering. We do our best to bring things out but please bring one AND PUT THEM ON before you enter a location. 

  5. If you are late please wait until no other buyers are waiting and we have an opening.. 

  6. Text us (716) 320-1114 if you arrive and are waiting. Include your name in the text. We will message when we are ready for you. If you have no access to texting or are waiting on a reply you can pull in the driveway if it's your turn or no one is ahead of you. Otherwise, just wait IN YOUR VEHICLE until the person ahead of you leaves. 

  7. If you arrive and others are loading, do not come up to the house or warehouse, until the person ahead of you is finished or we call you in.

  8. IMPORTANT - Check that your invoice balance is zero, WE DO NOT TAKE CARDS or CHECKS at a pickup! Your card gets billed after the auction. If you requested to pay cash or your card did not go through you will see a balance on your statement that was emailed to you. You will need to bring cash to the pickup appointment. PLEASE put the exact change (or round up) in an envelope with your invoice or put your FULL name on the envelope. We do not bring change or count money at pickups. If you need to update your card on HIBID we can only bill the card you signed up with, A new invoice will need to be emailed to you with a link to pay  and you can request that BEFORE pickup days. 

  9. There is a confirmation e-mail sent when you book an appointment. Reschedule only with the reschedule link in your email and by using the appointment app.  

  10. It is your responsibility to c heck you have all your items and they are correct. We can not be responsible for missing items after you leave. If you leave with another person's items and do not return them they will be billed to your card on file as per our auction rules. You can check on your phone if you have questions or we will look your items up for you. 

We no longer have the ability to take or store items that are not picked up. Anyone who misses a pickup will be billed for any expenses to remove your items! NO MORE EXCEPTIONS! 

If you bought a freezer for $1 and it costs us $50 to remove it because you did not show up that is YOUR BILL. These are your items and if you do not get them you are still responsible for bidding on it. You do not get a refund and we can not be responsible to pay to remove your items. This is an enormous expense put on us and we can no longer cover that. If you arent sure you have a mover please don't bid on big items.

If you contact us BEFORE pickups start and let us know you are not coming we will do our best to get a runner-up bidder to take your item. If you wait or don't contact us it's too late after buyers are done with pickups and you are responsible. 


Pickup days are always listed on the auction page before you bid and you need to be available or send someone on those days. Occasionally we add extra days if possible. Items at houses need immediate removal and if we need to remove items when you did not make a pickup there is a charge to clean out your items or dispose of them.

(This includes partial lots left behind)

Removal fees are as follows -

$5/lot or box ($10 if we are saving items for you and they need special packing such as dishes or glassware)

$25 fee for large items (items requiring 2 people to move)

$50 for very large or difficult to remove items that need extra moving help/time or disassembly